Connecting With The Woman Within

"It takes a rare breed of human who can blend a free spirit, a decisive nature, a deep respect for life, love for adventure, and an uncompromising sense of integrity into personal evolution. Such individuals hear the heartbeat of wholeness." ~ Js

Welcome to our Space ‘For The Woman Within’ of growth, discovery and love.

An invitation to heal. An invitation to connect. An invitation to explore. An invitation to resolve. An invitation to self-forgive and self-love. An invitation to prioritise your own nurturing. An invitation to empowerment. An invitation to wholeness.

This is a place to connect to yourself, your inner temple and other women on the same path. Once you learn to connect to yourself, you create a temple within, you have access to universal wisdom and truth, you begin to build an inner sanctuary, a place where you can go to have truth and inner quiet in any moment, it's your temple within.

This will help you enter into the subtle, sensitive states of awareness in order to comprehend yourself at your soul level. 

This is our temple space for you to practise in, for yourself and as one (all together) no matter where you are in the world.

I believe that to walk and cultivate a spiritual life it is crucial you learn how to weave your spirituality into the fabric of who you are, into your breath, your daily happenings and how you engage in this world. 

I believe that any space in your life can be created as a Temple space, to worship the passion and purpose you have within. A place to remember to live a life that is deeply connected, meaningful and empowered, it’s all within you.

That’s the only way to sustain a deep sacred connection with yourself, it’s something that needs to be apart of your everyday.

In a world that is constantly pressuring you to be something, to be better, to do more, I know that the only way to attain 'happiness’ is to turn inwards, to be a part of a community of other women who hold and love themselves the same way, so we can support each other. 
You have arrived at the perfect time in the perfect place

In this space we practise and learn from ancient wisdom, ourselves and others on this great journey that is life. All Temple practises and teachings are encouraged to be woven into your everyday, there is no more ‘I don’t have time’, you CAN and MUST create time. You need to tend to your inner temple. 

I encourage you to dive in and weave who you are into these practises and journeys.

  • You have the opportunity to be immersed in beautiful spiritual practices, nourishing soul food and sacred self care rituals.
  • You will learn how to make positive life changes, be open to self love and the principles of holistic health. You will experience the true power in yoga, meditation and relaxation.
  • I provide transformational spaces of healing and beauty for women to reset and transform, coming home to who they are. 


What You Receive in this Temple Space:

  • Deep connections and sharing with other women
  • 105 days of guidance, filtered to your inbox
  • 15 x Ebooks and Practical Modules (personally written by
  • Sammi Jane) to guide you through your beautiful SOUL journey
    • Breaking Down Fear
    • Mistakes Are Opportunities
    • Success
    • Letting Go Of Anger
    • Creative Channels
    • Self Concept and Self Belief
    • Mindfulness
    • Experiencing and Expressing Emotions
    • 'Inside' Healing
    • Alternative Therapies
    • Checking In With Life
    • Seriousness
    • Breath Work
    • Willpower
    • Your Attitude To Food
    • Clearing Your System
    • Perspectives and Thoughts
    • Happiness Tips
    • Your Flowing Sense Of Self


  • PLUS >>>>>>
  • BONUS Healthy Body Ebook
  • BONUS Wholefood Recipe ebook
  • BONUS How To Smudge (clear) Energy Guide 
  • BONUS How To activate and clear your crystals guide
  • BONUS Full Moon Ritual
  • Additional GIFT Fresh blends I Recipe ebook
  • Daily Advice and Tools to Create Balance in Health & Happiness
  • DIY Natural Healing Routines
  • Access to Teachings From a Range Of Holistic Modalities including Ayurveda, Nutritional therapy, Tantra, Exercise science, Meditation, Yoga and more.
  • No time limit to take the journey - there's a lot of wonderful information (take 12 weeks, take 20 it doesn't matter)



  • You want to come into deeper alignment with your true nature, attract a tribe of people just like you, attract the relationship you long for, bring your mission into physical form on this earth.
  • You know that the way you are living right now is not producing the most positive results possible and you want more for yourself.
  • You need direction, clarity + a way to navigate towards a happier, healthy life in mind, body, soul!
  • You are not tapping into to infinite possibilities
  • You want more opportunities to present themselves to you.
  • You want coaching but can’t afford one-on-one.
  • You thrive from the immersive experience
  • The opportunity to connect + work with me and other women walking this path of purpose and inspiration because you know women are magical when they come together with purpose. 


Reclaim Yourself  >>>>>

This is a rich resource and tool containing Writing Exercises, Reflections, Self Growth Practices, Meditations, Practical Activities and Rituals, Wellbeing Guides, Templates, Plans and weekly/monthly check-ins. In addition to this, it has many simple, yet potent practices for you to use daily to boost energy, amplify radiance, cultivate self-love, and expand your being!

This is an integration program to assist you to learn, grow and embody in your own temple at home amongst a community of other women doing exactly the same. 


What To Expect…

Starting today, you will receive a new lesson every week until you have unlocked all the lessons and ebooks. Each lesson is yours to keep and you'll be able to refer back to it whenever you want. And if you miss a lesson or are too busy to get to it that day, each lesson will conveniently remain in your account so you won't have to search for it when you're ready to get back to it. As new lessons are added you will have a life time access to all new content.

Our sessions are filled with open communication and activities to explore your naturally inherent gifts, natural healing remedies, diving into sacred knowledge and healing, taking an in-depth look at the chakra system, the mind, body and emotions.  

Together we will explore all the beauty that you have to offer with all the holistic support you need. 

  • Creating inner union with who you are
  • Igniting yourself
  • Creating radiant, vibrant health
  • Discovering ways to maintain self love
  • Unlocking and releasing emotional 'blockages'
  • Energising all of your body systems
  • Creating unity between your body, mind and soul
  • Experiencing the power of your purpose

By joining this life-altering journey, you will Shape The Woman Within to reconnect with the experience of self love, appreciate your health and wellbing, unveil your inner wisdom and rise into your authentic true nature! You will become more radiant, vibrant, courageous and empowered in yourself.

I am very excited to take this journey with you. 


It's a journey of self acceptance and self love, self care, letting go of old habits, balancing your health, eating amazing nourishing food and looking after yourself. You will bring together your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing for true health. 

Connecting With The Woman Within

This is a Sacred Space for ‘The Woman Within’ of growth, discovery and love. This is our space to come together within ourselves and with each other to share empower and connect. I created this online temple  to create a sacred space to practise in, for yourself and together no matter where you are in the world.

3 monthly payments of $129.99 AUD