Introduction to Physical Wellbeing for a Woman's Anatomy

Physical Wellbeing for a Woman's Anatomy

This empowering, simple and easy to implement information will change your life for the better, all you need to do is make an appointment with yourself to take the journey. 

**Do it ONLINE or OFFLINE the choice is yours. All the material is printable so you can do everything at home away from the computer.**

This FOUNDATIONS program will get you started.

A program that guides you through the foundations of Shaping The Woman Within to create the perfect baseline of health on all levels. 

Get to know your body and its needs to best maximise what it can do. 

Get to know your strengths and release self limiting beliefs to overcome any situation.

Discover how to take great care of yourself wherever you are.

Discover how simple self care practices can change your life.

Calm your mind and body once and for all. 


 Whats' involved:

(Resources and Ebook Topics in Level 1) We need to create a strong foundation (this is where we build our physical body to cope with our energetic and emotional expansion):

  • BONUS Wholefood Recipe ebook

Information, workbooks, downloads, inspiration and 100% soul guidance. 

Use this information to heal your life by devoting time to each part of you - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. 
You are worth it!

This is a professionaly created program after years of study and personal growth. 


Here's a sneak peak of what you have to look forward to:

  • Enjoy an abundance of fresh, nutritious, delicious whole foods to renew, rejuvenate and cleanse.
  • Nourish the body inside and out
  • Build a complete sense of health and wellbeing
  • Create wellness and success
  • Develop a spiritual meaning for life
  • Heal and rejuvenate your body
  • Eliminate your accumulation of stress, worry, anxiety, anger, resentment, guilt and negative thoughts.
  • Transfrom your current lifestyle to support you
  • Reset your mindset
  • Discover the power of creativity
  • Take on personal development and growth
  • Transform how you see yourself
  • Reshape your daily routine and the environment around you
  • Understand your emotional code and break negative habits
  • Learn about traditional and alternative healing methods
  • Reshape your life direction
  • Learn how good food can transform your life
  • Learn the secrets of masters from around the world


Foundation Soul Program

 It's time to Shape The Woman Within by developing the fundamentals of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self    

$97.99 AUD