Mind Body Soul Coaching, Guidance & Healing

Ignite the force within for great transformation and creative ingenuity.

Private Guidance, Coaching & Healing Sessions (one on one or skype)

It's time to answer the call of your own unique nature and its deeper desires. These sessions remind you how to connect to the concept of personal integrity, wholeness. We look at key challenges and insights and harness them to helping you move forward.

Release blockages, open your mind for new knowledge, create change in your body and prepare for soul growth.

Soothing the nervous system, come back from illness and degenerative issues, harmonising emotional energy, being enough exactly as you are. 

Learn to express who you are, rekindle the flame within you with conscious love, patience and careful tending to your inner fire.

The session categories are: yoga and meditation, connecting to yourself, nurturing yourself, finding peace and clarity, unlocking the power of your purpose, igniting your health body and the healing path. It's time to book your one on one session and bring it all to life.

These sessions focus on bringing you back to peace that you are completely enough exactly as you are. We will boost self-confidence, self love and self acceptance. You can learn how to bring personal gratification and success into your life. You can find healthy ways of challenging yourself, your attitudes, and your abilities. You can breakthrough obstacles, rejuvenate and reset your mind, body and soul to broaden your horizons and perspective. You can walk away with new skills and techniques that will empower your life. This is the time you need to create a space to drop in and be nurtured. 

My private sessions leave you feeling restored, revitalised and reconnected + with some simple & profound self care tools to bring you into your essence. 

Using wisdom and techniques from earth medicine.

This is intuitively guided sessions (along with techniques leant over many years of study) reading your soul to see where there is growth and where there are answers to moving forward. We use ritual, self practice, guidance and sacred space to open the channels for you to receive this work. Using oracle cards, dowsing, crystals, meditation, guidance and more.

Sessions can include (but not limited to):

Restorative Yoga, Subtle Body Yoga, Mindfulness/ Meditation Practises, Pranayama ( breath work), Guided Visualisation, Soul (self) Enquiry, Mind Body Soul Coaching, Intuition Guidance, Essence Embodiment Practises, Earth Magic Guidance.

$90 one on one yoga and meditation 75 minutes

$130 One off guidance, healing, coaching 60 t0 90 minutes

3 coaching package $310 Save $80

Mentorship $200 for 2 hours plus additional support, contact and resources between sessions (minimum 6 week commitment).


Oracle Sessions

Bring forth a question or ask for clarity on a situation or path in your life. Using pendulum, crystals and oracle card decks we connect to universal light energy and channel you clarity, direction and guidance. 

These are powerful sessions to knowing how to move forward, create change and connect to inner wisdom. 

$40 for 30 minutes Oracle Guidance Session


Step forward to what you want. 

It's a journey of self acceptance and self love, self care, letting go of old habits, balancing your health, eating amazing nourishing food and looking after yourself. You will bring together your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing for true health.


One on One Yoga and Meditation

Experience the gift of having your own yoga teacher guiding you through your own individual sequence. These sessions are a powerful tool to cater for your specific needs, journey with your body and soul, unlock emotional blockages, overcome obstacles, experience your body and take you on a personal journey. Each session is specifically targeted to your needs whether it be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. 


Connect To Yourself

Awaken to who you really are, what you really enjoy, the power in your purpose and the path of your life. Unlock what holds you back from self love and self acceptance and completely believing in what you bring to this world. Overcome what no longer serves you to be the beautiful soul that you are and reconnect to wholeness within. Rejuvenate from the inside out as you awaken your true state of being. Overcome the opposition that stands in front of you so you can morph into a being of love.


Nurture Yourself

Do you clearly know your needs and how to meet them?
Do you play with and explore ways of nourishing yourself and topping up your tank?
Explore how food, purpose and creativity nourishes your soul, what places ignite your energy and what situations spark up your vibe.
Rejuvenate and discover what you need to nourish not only your soul but the temple you live in ~ the mind, body and soul.


Find Peace & Clarity

Explore the inner dimensions of your soul
It's time to connect with peace and clarity from the most inner places of your being.
Release what no longer serves you, let go of your story and move forward with clear knowing of your path.
Connect with the sacred power of spirituality, yoga and meditation.
From the inner workings of your soul find peace and clarity in your purpose.


Unlock The Power Of Your Purpose

Enliven the temple space you live in through igniting your soul spark.
Reconnect with what you love, what your inner child yearns for, what makes your heart beat and soul sing.
We all have purpose in this life and whatever it is you deserve to fulfil that ~ step forward in light by awakening what you want to create.


Ignite Your Health Body

True health is our natural state of being, to have a spark in your eye, glowing skin, easy digestion and vibrant energy, that is yours to enjoy.
Release the wounds, the metaphysical blockages, the stories and struggles that block your health.
Connect with your bodies needs, food as life force and spiritual fulfilment that fills your cup.
Discover how to heal your body, how to speak with your soul and connect with the life force energy that makes it happen.


The Healing Path

Come and explore the healing pathway to your soul. This is the path of the
Goddess and the work that is necessary in order for those with divine feminine and masculine wounds to come into wholeness. Together we discover and reconnect to the true power and beauty within the heart of the feminine.


Authentic Relationships

Discover and explore techniques to show up more authentically in your relationships. Learn how to work on yourself to work on your relationships. Heal relationship wounds, childhood trauma, struggles with divine feminine and masculine wounds to come into wholeness. Learn to love, support and receive more fully. Together we discover and reconnect to the true power that is committing to authentic relationships. 

Whatever it is in life that needs your attention at the moment, your program will give you the tools and support you need.

 We each have the opportunity to touch and connect with our lives in a new way every day and we can choose to make a difference. So what stops us? Over years of coaching I've discoverd it's generally one of two things - we don’t know what we can do or we don't know where to start. That's where I come in to help! 

One on one with Sammi

Enjoy your own time to immerse yourself in One on One Yoga and Meditation Sessions, Mind, Body and Soul Guidance, Mentoring and Coaching, Oracle Sessions, Nourishing Food, Healing and Inspiration.

$130.00 AUD