A Day Retreat: Women, Nature and The Moon

The power of the moon and lunar cycles with women and their life has been known and strongly recognised by ancient traditions for thousands of years.

Come and explore the elements of yin and yang energy. Explore your connection to nature and what happens when you honour yin and yang in your life.

We are being guided back into alignment with the feminine path to personal power by reharmonising ourselves with natures cycles, our cycles and our relationship with other women.

Gaia is showing us the path to enabling and taking responsibility for manifesting a life of positive abundance and creativity to share the sacredness of a women in tune with herself and life.

This day retreat will journey with the moon through a whole lunar cycle in a day. Each part of the day will be created to harness a phase of the moon, what it guides us to and its meaning and purpose, journeying through the day in a wanning and waxing way to embrace feminine personal power.

Consider immersing in the moon through nature, ritual, yoga, sound, meditation, manifestation, essential oils, rituals, deep relaxation and soul immersion, nourishing mind blowing food, creative DIY natural products & connection to other amazing magical women.

The moon connects us to the rhythm of life. Her power connects us to the triple goddess - the maidan, mother and crone. Connecting back to our essence, our innate wisdom, our sacred path to shine on the world.

A day gifted to you to be immersed in healing, connection, personal renewal, gifts from Gaia and the company of beautiful like minded women.


Your day is incredible and will include:

Sacred Circle of Women
Soft flowing moon flow yoga harnessing the new moon (All shapes, sizes and levels of experience CAN do this)
Connecting and sharing with other women
Meditation and Yoga Nidra
Natural Earth Creations DIY home natural medicine and healing
A magical vegan lunch
Explore the energy of all phases of the moon
Connecting your hormones and phases of the moon.
Creativity and expression
Embracing your emotions and feeling your way
Crystal Meditation
Relax in the arms of nature
Oils and Meditation for enhancing moon and feminine connection
We will learn how to share offerings with the earth, tune into natures codes and connect to the unseen messages of life.
Finished with relaxation

>>>>>>> This is a day retreat for you to embrace a feminine path to personal power. It's your time to co-create your life with the cycles of nature and her unlimited support. You will leave with steps to self empowerment, truth, rest and real love. The foundations of embodied feminine spirituality.

You will take home a space of connection, devotion, nourishment and love. Take home your own hand made DIY 'home natural healing'.

>>>>>>> This is your invitation to join us for a sacred, magical day retreat reconnecting with the feminine path to personal power.

You will leave with a message of love and hope.

Ask yourself this:
Are you ready to step into your sacred power (this put simply means step into your unique being of wholeness) ?

Are you ready to be the amazing, magical master of your own life?

Are you ready to say goodbye to wounds with other women and have a supportive community of women who love and accept you exactly as you are?

Ready to understand why you feel certain ways at the phases of the moon?

Of course you are, come and join our sacred space and let it all go and receive all the magical, mysterious, creative, powerful forces of who you are!

It's time to reclaim your message.


This day was birthed from my vision of life itself as the ultimate and highest value on earth. It is a call to bring back the divine feminine within each and every one of us as a reflection of the flow of life itself. You as the sacred feminine is ready to be rebirth to her rightful place, in pure harmony and love with the divine masculine on our planet, in our culture, and within ourselves.

We are ready to hold true the vision that we need to bring forth a new awareness and responsibility of every aspect of our lives; how we work, how we play, how we eat, and how we think.

The expanded vision for us is that we stop imagining that we are separate from the earth, and from each other. We need to understand that each one of us is a part of something much bigger then our single self. Together we can make a difference. Together we are whole. Together our message is stronger. Together the force of love is amplified.

<><> So I invite you to share in this vision <><>

A vision that every woman has a voice and way of sharing their message.
A vision to give all women a celebration of who they are.
A vision to give all women a path to connect and share their spirit.
I want you to see your divinity.
I want you to know and see there is more to you then what you see

Come and embrace the feminine. Your divinity — your soul — the divine feminine.

You are going to love being immersed in a sacred space romancing, reconnecting and reuniting yourself with the innate woman within; the creator, the wisdom of women who have walked before you and with you and the earth and all her teachings (immersed in beautiful nature).

This is your invitation to return to these ancient ways. To the ancient, pure divine feminine that exists within you. An invitation to create the artwork of your self. To heal, to share, to laugh, to love, to honour, to shed, to celebrate.

LOCATION | Woodstone Farm

TIME | 9:30am - 5 pm

Payments can be made via website, paypal or bank transfer.
To book your place and pay via bank transfer or cash please email [email protected]
There is a non refundable $50 when you book (included in the price)

Early Bird tickets $179 BEFORE MARCH 31st (plus booking fee if paying through website).

FULL PRICE $199 (plus booking fee if paying through the website).

VIP TICKET $250 if you would like to receive your own intuitively created healing goodie bag / integration pack to support your journey.

TWO TICKET SPECIAL $350 not available through website


A Day Retreat: Women, Nature & The Moon

The power of the moon and lunar cycles with women and their life has been known and strongly recognised by ancient traditions for thousands of years. Come and explore the elements of yin and yang energy. Explore your connection to nature and what happens when you honour yin and yang in your life.

$199.00 AUD