New Year New Beginning 40 Day Sadhana

*** STARTING 3rd January ***
Reclaim your birthright of connection, support and love. 

A 40 Sadhana for the new year. Creating daily empowered decisions and practices that will align you with purpose.

Sadhguru on Sadhana: When we say sadhana (means, instrument, practices for spiritual growth), we are not talking about any particular aspect. We are talking about using every aspect of life – both internal and external – so that it is a continuous nurturing for your life. Because the very nature of a human being is such, unless there is some dynamism, some movement in their life towards betterment within and outside of themselves, they will feel frustrated. They have to keep moving to a newer and newer possibility. Sadhana is that which facilitates that.

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This New Year is A New Beginning like all new years, but this one is different. This New Years you are ready, you are actually ready to make this happen. You've waited, you've tried, you've sat on the fence and NOW you are ready to do it!

This is your New Year for a New Beginning. A new way of living from the inside out. A way of living with connection, intuition, support and purpose. 

This is more than just the standard sadhana you repeat for 40 days, this is complete with a 40 day New Beginning Program with support tools to ensure you align with a new you this year. This is a 40 day Sadhana to align all of you with a life you are willing and wanting to develop.


This is a 40 day ONLINE program to nourish and extend your mind, body and soul (not a multi level marketing cleanse). A program that has your back 100% to make the changes, to create the life you want and build all the support you need in your life. 

This program is willing to take you to the next level. 

This program is willing to teach you, guide you and share with you to make sure that what you want comes to fruit now. 

Why a 40 day Sadhana? Sadhana is Sanskrit means ‘ to accomplish’. It is a simple daily spiritual practice (e.g. a simple yoga practice, meditation, breath work and chanting), which helps you (your ego self, the small, limited and separate from everything) to connect with YOU (your higher self, the infinite, unlimited and connected to ALL that exists). Sadhana is designed to help you turn inward and remember yourself on a much deeper level.

Starting Wednesday 3rd January for 40 days.

This is the perfect way to step into a new beginning with a like minded community and giving your body some much needed tender loving care. This program already knows you are a success, it already know you have everything it takes. Its here to gently help you make that new beginning count and last. 

*This is an online program so you will be emailed all you need, have a private login to my website and can join in from ANYWHERE in the world..

Many of us feel the urge this time of year to do some deep cleaning or our homes and perhaps even some purging, going through the garage, the closet, giving that extra elbow grease in the house cleaning and just generally releasing what no longer serves us so there is room for what we LOVE now with the new sunshine coming and new outward energy in our lives.
How about a haircut? Or a dietary cleanse with herbs?
Think beyond just the physical plane. Just as important as your body and environment are, your energy field, your mind, your emotional self, these parts of you that are non-physical actually govern and guide every other aspect of your life.
All the cleaning in the world is not going to last if, your inner challenges are still driving you (crazy).
You can clear out your intestines but if you don’t detoxify your relationship with your body and with food, you’ll be all clogged up before you know it again. You can get a fresh facial and new ‘do, but if you are still running unhealthy beliefs about love, that’s not going to bring you Mr. or Ms. Right or improve your relationship…


To really change your life, you’ve got to change your beliefs and your energy field. Success comes from the inside out. This program is your tool to do just that. 

A New Year, A New Beginning a 40 Day Online Sadhana. 


You will receive:

  • 40 day complete online program.
  • Daily facebook check in 
  • Liver + Gallbladder Reset and Flush Program to remove the residue of anger, resentment, frustration and holding ourselves back.
  • Skin and Emotional Detox to unwind old energy from our body. To unravel years of suppressed, old habits, emotions and beliefs
  • Natural cleansing supplement protocol (supplements you will need to purchase) to connect you back to the natural cycles of nature. To become one once again with the plant world. 
  • Your Healthy Body Ebook to download - see if there are patterns you are ready to shapeshift into positive enforcement in your life.  
  • Downloadable Resources on: 
    • Restructuring your life to support a new beginning
    • Wholefood plant based recipes
    • Clearing your home and lifestyle
    • Abundance mindset 
    • Energetically activating your self
    • Cutting ties with old energy and all thats not aligned with your new beginning
    • Activating fresh energy 
    • Smudging ceremony guide 
    • Activating cyrstals guide 
    • Intention and Receiving worksheets 
    • Daily Checklist
    • Emotional Intelligence download 
    • Making a vision board 
    • Changing perspectives and core desired feelings 
    • Pranayama and Yogic Teachings 
    • DIY burning ritual
    • Community of support 

ALL FOR LESS then the price of a coffee a day join us now for $97

I specifically designed this 40 Day Sadhana to step you into the New Year with a New Beginning. 

Who do you want to be? What do you want life to look like?



My top reasons to join us:
1. We have co evolved with the plant world, which means that the plants most readily available for us to eat in each different season also happens to be the ones that are most naturally appropriate for us to eat – plants at their peak, abundant and most nutritious. This cleanse will reconnect you to this natural flow with the change in season, climate, and environment.

2. Regroup and reconnect. As we enter a new year it can feel overwhelming, confusing, fast-paced and just all too exhausting and stressful. So a 40 day sadhana will help you adjust and integrate new tools to make this a beneficial change, to naturally come into your more abundant, aligned self.

3. Feel empowered to make clear choices rather than living by default. Choose what you want out of life.

4. Reunite with our original ways, reuniting our food choices to eat what we have evolved to eat – healthy plants from healthy farming and soil, prepared well to retain and enhance nutrients and support digestive health. Repair digestive function enables better breakdown, assimilation, metabolism and utilisation of nutrients – the building blocks of health.

5 .Become empowered in how you want to be, in what matters most in your life.

6. Connect to your heart, intuition and life purpose as you become inspired with new year energy

7. Allow your body to heal.

8. Identify what is in alignment with who you want to be and what needs to let go.

9. Support and balance your entire system - mind, body, emotions and spirit.

10. Reconnect with your inner self - inner peace, meditation, breath, rest, exercise, preparing and eating food, sleep, intimacy, relationships, family, passions, creativity, passion, play, nature, self-care and purposeful work.

11. Create a foundation of health and a new healthy daily rhythm.

12. Be apart of something much bigger than you, much bigger than 'I'.



New Year New Beginning 40 Day Sadhana

This is a 40 day ONLINE Sadhana Program to nourish and extend your mind, body and soul (not a multi level marketing cleanse). A program that has your back 100% to make the changes, to create the life you want and build all the support you need in your life.  This program is willing to take you to the next level. 

$97.00 AUD