Sacred Full Moon Circle For Women - 2nd March

Moon circles give modern women an ancient way to connect.

“In all time, women gather with the full moon to celebrate being women,” Reddemann says. “Learning the essence and power and direction of each of the full moons allows us to walk through that moon cycle with greater potential, awareness and understanding.” ~ Jean Reddemann, an indigenous healer in the Lakota Sioux medicine tradition

"Look at the world around you and observe a multitude of rhythmic cycles. There is the 24-hour cycle of the sun as it revolves around the earth: as each day becomes night and then becomes day again. There is the rhythmic cycle of each season merging into the next: the winter snows melt, the seedlings sprout, the sun beats its rays on a warm sunny day, and the leaves begin to dry up and fall and float away. There is the rhythmic cycle of aging, the rhythmic cycle of the moon, the rhythmic cycle of a women's womb.
When we as women connect to this natural rhythmical cycle, we begin to flow and move through life with more connection, more understanding, more ease and love. We know when to use our energy and when to conserve our energy, when to set goals and take action, and when to research and plan. When to be social and when to reflect and be at home. When we reconnect with these natural instincts life as a woman radiates and our energy and magnetism amplifies.

When we do not take advantage of this time, we threaten the vital shakti prana that exists inside us. We disturb our energy levels and we step out of sync with the natural harmony that attempts to guide us.

Our women's moon circles are a gathering sharing with other women, reconnecting with yourself, truth and inspiration. Come and take a journey into the beautiful support and power of the full moon to share obstacles, let go, surrender and reunite with the natural rhythm of life through you. Allow yourself to see beyond this very circumstance and reconnect to your visions and missions through coming HOME TO LOVE with the full moon to clear what is out of alignment.

This is our FIRST full moon CIRCLE of the year and I would love to welcome you to celebrate the year coming together, so this full moon gathering we are excited to be i

Be immersed in nature, women and inspiration to share your truth. Explore mediation, oils and the full moon as we open our full moon journeys for 2018.


OUR VISION for these moon circles - To reconnect with the path of love. TO celebrate being in circle as modern women reconnecting to ancient ways. Reconnecting and reuniting with the innate woman within; the creator, the wisdom of women ready to blossom.

Sammi is a Guide, Moon Lover, Nature Priestess, Holistic Practitioner and Ritual Facilitator for Women in Perth. Her dedication to developing a strong, inspired, gifted community ripples through her sacred circle gatherings. This adds to her connection to the great rhythm, providing the necessary components for a life steeped in sacred ritual and a community sharing their gifts for the good of all.

Sammi provides a space for women to connect to their truths and explore the inner world that is so often oppressed in our patriarchal society. Her circles give urban people the chance to connect to nature in ways that are often taken for granted in a modern world.



When I 2nd March

Time I 6:30 to 8.30pm approximately

Cost I $30

Bookings only. To book please PM Sammi or book via the link.

All tickets are non refundable not can be transferred to another woman.

Sacred Full Moon Circle For Women

Come and experience the sacredness of sitting in a women's circle under the full moon. This is a beautiul space to reconnect to your path of love.

$30.00 AUD