RISE Anchoring The Gypsy Soul

NEXT COURSE BEGINS 20th January 2019 


8 Week Sacred Women's Journey

Gypsy Souls,

This is a Sacred journey of the richness of life as a woman that’s aligned with divine essence, purpose and free spirited Sacred living. 

A journey that redefines what it means to be a woman in society and what she choses to offer as a spiritual embodiment of life itself. 

A journey that aligns her physical body, emotional body, mind, soul and spirit with her Sacred feminine essence. Awakening her deepest enjoyment and embrace of what brings pleasure to her path, what opens her, assists her to flow with life and helps her to trust and create rather than driving and willing her way forward.


Awakening the free spirit within; a Sacred heart and spirit based living journey for women to tap into the highest potential of life itself, the Sacred connection.

This isn’t a quick, typical journey. This is a deep, Sacred awakening. A sacred journey to cleanse, purify, understand, learn and grow. A journey of authentic connection to women, the earth, intuitive wisdom, innate guidance and sacred connection to all. 

A healthy woman is creative, trusting, inventive, flexible, flowing, open, faithful, free, spontaneous, connected, natural, strong life force, vibrant, radiant, open hearted, well, life giving, nourishing, joyous, content, peaceful and thats just the beginning. 

But as the 'modern' life can create a path of structure and lack of connection to nature we lose our natural cycles and intuitive nature. We may disconnect from the wild Sacred that we are, and once we do this we are no longer aligned with our natural flow leaving us feeling dry, sluggish, misused, fatigued, stagnant, unwell, lacking strength, diluted, unmotivated, without passion, unaroused, loss of trust in intuition, lack of time, loss of devotion and there's more.

Are you ready to connect to your radiance, your spirituality, your depth, your Sacred feminine essence, your feminine energy and flow with Sammi your course facilitator who will take you on this Sacred Journey.


> Are you asking “Who am I really” or what’s next?
> Are you craving the depth of the Sacred feminine and Sacred wisdom?
> Are you asking “What is my Sacred essence for the world?”
> Are you longing to work with the Divine light, natural cycles of being a woman and ancient Sacred feminine knowing?

> Craving your integrity, your dignity and your sacred work?

The list goes on .. Can you feel it?

The list goes on .. Can you feel it? Here’s what you will receive from this journey.

RISE Anchoring The Gypsy Soul Introductory Initiatory Journey (8 weeks)

Anchoring higher vibrational patterns and states of being into women through a Divine Sacred Feminine transmission.

This is a face to face journey anchored in Sammi's transmission of the higher heart vibration.

This is a journey to heal, transform, activate, anchor, receive, surrender and journey with the Grace of the Sacred Feminine energy. Receive healing sessions, transformation and growth, initiatory energetic transmissions, Sacred ceremony and a Sacred space to be with other women in deep connection.

A journey that will attune you to upgraded states of living and being in a woman's body, deeply anchored in Sacred service of self.

This journey aims to align you to your higher state of being in Divine Sacred feminine energy, understanding and introductory initiation into nature codes, alignment of self nourishment and receptivity, free spirited awakening, 'wild' knowledge, anchoring and awakening healing and wisdom that already lies dormant within your body to connect you to Divine Grace and potential. 

This is a face to face nourishment of your inner Gypsy spirit - the highest vibrational atunement to the energy of the heart. Gypsy here meaning - free moving, innate earth wisdom, connection, creation, freedom, liberation, spirited.

Honesty; Living by value; Ayni, Deep immersion in self, Spirited connection, Grace of Pachamama, Sacred centre, facilitating conscious conversation, integrated relationship, Soul essence, Grounded and anchored humility, high vibrational being, potent connection, natural rhythms, collaboration with life, appreciation as life force, polished Sacred states of being. embracing mysticism and Sacred choice.

This is the opportunity to open the aperture of your lens of life. To be yourself, integrated in who you are, the gift you are and how to overflow simply yourself to the world.

During this Sacred journey you will awaken, trust and lead from your Embodied Sacred Feminine Knowing.


Returning to love, harmony, serenity and bliss.

Understanding your wild Sacred wisdom
Sacred devotion to life, awakening your spirituality
Connect to your Sacred essence of intuition and intention

Connect to your channel of Sacred feminine energy
Embodying the principles of nature
Emotional Alchemy
Introduction to energetic awareness and feminine expression
Embracing and enjoying pleasure, passion and joy in daily action
Sacred Women’s connection to the moon, womb and nature
A woman’s physiology the Sacred way

This 8 week Sacred journey will awaken your physical body, emotional body, mind, soul and spirit to healing, growth and learning.

This is your chance to develop life skills, tools and connections. You will walk away confidently knowing you are Sacred, here to embody harmony and essence. 


You are going to break all the rules that you think are right and that society has conditioned you to believe.
You are going to question all the knowledge you believe to be true.
You are going to dive into personal growth, authenticity, self acceptance, deeper relationship with life and spirituality and being a woman.



Week ONE: Sunday 20th January
Week TWO: Sunday 27th January
Week THREE: Sunday 3rd February
Week FOUR: Sunday 10th February
Week FIVE: Sunday 24th February 
Week SIX: Sunday 3rd March 
Week SEVEN: Sunday 10th March
Week EIGHT: Sunday 17th March

* PLUS 2 additional Sacred Ceremonies dates TBC


EARLY BIRD $816 Ends November 30th

Payment via bank transfer.

Payable via payment plan on website (upon acceptance)

Cost includes:
Personal Intention Setting with Sammi
2 1/2 to 3 hour workshop each week
Everything we use during the workshops to support you through the journey
Weekly handouts, resources and recordings where applicable
Online Support each week and personal check ins
Sacred Roots Package

Sacred Wisdom Ebook Series
Complimentary Sacred ceremony attendance during the course (for any already being run)

Special discounts on other workshops being run

Complimentary yoga (to any of our classes already being run)
Support tools throughout the journey

Payment plans available upon special request


Perth, TBC


9 to 11.30am (12pm approx.) each Sunday


 [email protected]

Suitable for women of all walks of life, ages 18+

Much love

Sammi xx

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