RISE Awakening The Gypsy Soul


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8 Week Women's Journey

Perth sisters i invite you to join me. 

Bring out the richness of life as a woman that’s aligned with divine purpose and free spirited living.

Awakening the free spirit within; (yup that's right, a gypsy is simply a free spirited being in my eyes) a heart based living journey for women to tap into the highest potential of life itself.

A journey that will reconnect you with your free spirited ways.
Learn how to drop in with yourself to understand the flow of life as a creator matrix, to understand ways to anchor your purpose into that flow to create divine connection.

This is a journey of 'How to' flow with life so that living through the heart becomes easy and almost effortless in all your actions. Allowing you to be guided and supported in your purpose.

Ask yourself this:

  • Have you had enough of overwhelm, exhaustion, unhappiness, lack of confidence, low self worth, doing doing doing?
  • Are you an energetic sponge? Taking days to clear and regain a sense of yourself after being in large crowds or negative people?
  • Are you asking "who am I” or whats next?
  • Are you asking yourself "I have all that I want but I’m still not happy or grateful?"
  • Are you asking “what do I offer the world?"
  • Do you need some new tools and support?
  • How to start? Where to start?
  • Looking for the right people to hang out with that support you and ‘get’ you?
    Right here with this journey you’ll find just that.

This 8 week journey will awaken your soul and find these answers.

You will tap into places within, discovering joy and pleasure, passion and purpose, hope and fulfilment.

Once again you will feel free of all that has conditioned you to believe life is as it is, reaching higher levels of success, happiness and flow.

This is your chance to develop life skills, tools and connections. You will walk away confidently knowing you are a sacred being here to embody love and purpose. You have all the support to bring that purpose to fruit. It's time to tap into the web of life.


Are you ready to break all the rules that you think are right and that society has conditioned you to believe?
Are you ready to question all the knowledge you believe to be true?It's time to enter into a matrix of new possibility!

A journey for women who want more for themselves …… personal growth, authenticity, self acceptance, deeper relationship with self and those around them and more.

This course will include:

- Techniques that unblock the energetic flow in the body
- Understanding of masculine and feminine energy
- Getting to know your free spirited nature
- Lifting your vibration and attracting the right tribe
- Rekindling your soul spark and passion
- Connecting with heart based living
- Connecting with the essence and message of who you are
- Breaking through your upper limits
- Learning how to tap into your intuition and no longer deny it
- Welcoming your feminine experience - learn your physiology, hormones, moon cycle and emotional body
- Natural DIY remedies (yoga, dance, meditation, ritual, creativity, sound plus much much more)
- Consciously relate with yourself, nature and others.
- Dive into and expand your emotional intelligence
- Embrace life wholeheartedly, explore many different pathways, and allow yourself to grow.
- Creating a daily practice
- Weekly yoga and meditation session

- Yogic philosophy

- Essential oils, natural healing and potions for feminine anatomy and hormone cycles

- Moon cycles and menstruation - synching with natures rhythms. 

Your purpose is as unique as you are and will learn to celebrate that within yourself and all other women in this sacred space.

Come and tap into a glimmer of your unique divine blue print.


Week One - Intro to Sacred Earth Gypsy Divine Aspects
Week Two - Inner Child Freedom, Core Emotions, Moving forward
Week Three - Relationship with Self
Week Four - Creative Expression, Feelng & Emotional Alchemy
Week Five - Moon, Natures Rhythms and Women Cycles
Week Six - Relationship with Nature
Week Seven - Relationship with Universe, Divine, Life
Week Eight - Service and Natural Living

SUPER EARLY BIRD $600 Before March 31st
EARLY BIRD $700 before January 10th
FULL PRICE $850 after January 10th
RETURNING GYPSY SOULS please msg for price

Paypal available, bank transfer, debit or credit card.

** Cost includes:

Personal Intention Setting with Sammi
2 1/2 to 3 hour workshop each week
Welcome goodie pack specifically selected to support you throughout this journey
Personal essential oil to take home
Take home DIY natural remedies
Art supplies and creative tools
Weekly typed handouts
Online Support each week and personal 
My recipe ebook collection to support you nutritionally
Complimentary full moon groups attendance during the course
Support tools throughout the journey
*** If you would like to have the upgraded oil pack please let me know

PAYMENT PLANS AVAILABLE - start now and pay $50 a week


TIME I 9 to 11.30am each Sunday

Week 1: Sunday 20th May
Week 2: Sunday 27th May
Week 3: Sunday 3rd June
Week 4: Sunday 10th June
Week 5: Sunday 17th June 
Week 6: Sunday 24th June
Week 7: Sunday 1st July
Week 8: Sunday 8th July

PLUS Finale gathering



BOOKINGS & MORE INFO I [email protected]

Suitable for women of all walks of life, ages 18+

I am beyond excited to take this incredible group of gypsy souls through this journey and really help you connect to free spirited living and divine connection.ce.

Come and tap into a glimmer of your unique divine blue print.



RISE Awakening The Gypsy Soul

Bring out the richness of life as a woman that’s aligned with divine purpose and free spirited living.

$880.00 AUD