Sacred Moon Manifestations Workshop May

Moon Manifestations - Intentions, Essential Oils, Crystals, Oracle Cards, Chakras and Meditation for men and women.

Ritual can serve many purposes. It can connect us more deeply to place, to the cycles of the seasons and the demands of our own soil and climate. It can mark the passages of our lives and help us make the transition into a new phase. t provides access to our gifts, and a space to discover some facet of their own creativity. It can link us in the pure joy of celebration.

By the time we get to the new moon, we are ready to stop, rest and reset.
This phase is where we feel the calling to stop doing so much and take some time to rest, replenish and restore ourselves for the next lunar phase. To send our intentions into the winds and let them carry us forwards.


Learn to navigate life with intention

Come along to and learn how to Manifest your Visions with Intentions, Essential Oils, Visualistaion, Meditation, Crystals and many other tools.

The new moon is the dark moon, where there is little light in the sky - making it the ideal time to go into the depth within and manifest our hearts desires from the inside out, with the support of the moon.
The new moon is a time of self, introspection, being 'within' yourself to connect, align, set your intentions and create your own internal energy.
The perfect time for deep mediation, contemplation and introspection.
This workshop will give you the personal support, inspiration and guidance to flow for the rest of the month.

A beautiful Essential oil blend will be made that will enhance the power of our manifestations.
Meditation and connection - subtly, no cathartic process needed.
Uncover your desires, inspirations and beliefs using the essence of oils, meditation and journalling.
Discover your worthiness and hearts pulling.
Find your soul inspiration - build energy and vitality to move forward
Harness the power of the moon - learn to channel your energy with intent and desire - learn how you can manifest from any energy source.
Discover balance and consistency.

This workshop manifests just that. A space for stillness, quiet, connection and a personal journey with the moon. Although we are in a group the new moon is a much more personal journey than the full moon. So come and connect to a group environment but take a personal journey for yourself.

In this Life Changing Manifesting workshop you will learn about the power of the moon, stillness, essential oils and many other life tools and how to use them to help bring your desires into fruition.

The question is do you truly understand the power and connection this time in the lunar cycle offers us?
Have you tapped into it and used it to align more in your life to less doing, more being, but more successes and flow. This workshop is a guided journey for just that.

Learn to use yin and yang energy for just that - rest and flow.
The new moon is a yin time in the lunar cycle. A space where your action is matched by flow from life. You no longer 'do' it all but you expand into universal alignment and flow to allow your life to move.
You take the yin time to go within, to stop actioning and reflect, to soften the doing with a space of being.

Essential oils have long been used in folk lore to bring about changes in ones life. They can help with clearing blocks and unwanted patterns in the most subtle way, connecting to your subconscious, to help us realign with the essence of universal infinite potential. It’s time to take aligned action. They have the vibration to anchor your manifestations into your future reality.


Your hearts truest desire, your biggest vision and dream, your wildest hopes ARE POSSIBLE.

Come and explore with us how to navigate life with the support of the moon.

I encourage you to come and go within,reflect, rest, make space for the new moon intentions and set some new intentional 'paths' for the next lunar cycle.
This is a guided workshop connecting you to many different tools and practices to support this powerful time of the lunar cycle.

Are you ready to soften your edges and see what life has to offer you with more ease and flow?
Everyone can learn to Moon Manifest.

Or if you're already learning these beautiful ways then come and go deeper, make the time to be present with yourself to make good use of the moon manifestation power and join us for a sacred time to slow down and reconnect.

This is my gift to you..

~ Gentle Chakra based Restorative Yoga to soothe the nervous system
~ Meditation, Mindfulness and Visualisation
~ Essential oils
~ Chakra balancing practices
~ Crystals
~ Oracle cards
~ Self-enquiry and intention setting
~ Connection to healing breath
~ Heart activations

After 2 1/2 delicious hours of being in a sacred space with yourself you will feel deeply connected, aligned, replenished and calm from the inside out.

Where: TBC, NOR Perth
When: Saturday 17th March
Time: 6.30 to 9pm
Cost: $49.50 (includes booking fee)
Contact for payment and booking details.

Moon Manifestation Workshop

Come along to and learn how to Manifest your Visions with Intentions, Essential Oils, Guidance, Meditation and more.

$49.50 AUD