Welcome to the journey of igniting your essence for an awakened world. 

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What you are here to do on this earth, in this life, in your heart is absolutely magical. 

You have a heart calling, you have a yearning in your soul/ spirit/ inner world that is crying out for you to listen. You have a passion that you poke at, it is your fuel and drives you forward. Even if you don’t yet use it for its full potential. You have a vision of a world you want to live in, a vision of how you want to be, a vision of how you want to feel, a vision of the life you want to lead. You feel it everyday, you long for it, you feel it pulsing through your veins. Well now is the TIME to REALISE you can have it. Yes, I said it, you CAN have it. Your message can be shared with the world. Your voice can speak up, you can feel joyous, loved, celebrated, accepted, successful, you can have the life you want, you can make your vision a reality. I am here to ignite celebration in each of us for who we are and what we offer. I am so excited to celebrate you.

I don’t know you personally yet, but I have known this day was coming for a long time. I knew we would come together and ignite something special. Today is the day we begin to bring about all that you have thought about and all the things right for you in this lifetime.  
I am so excited to reconnect you to your path, walking with purpose and passion for who you are and what you offer. I have never been so sure of anything in my life. I know deep in my heart that the divinity of life will shine through you as a woman, to radiate your beauty, wisdom and essence of love.
Now is the time. You can glow like you have always dreamed, you can create what you have always envisioned, you can speak with confidence and clarity. I’m right here by your side to make sure it happens. 
Together lets ignite the change we want to see in this world. 

Come and take the steps to your transformation and new creation in your body.

to unite you with your message of love and hope for the world.  



I invite you to join me in creating a sacred space here. A space to celebrate you, to live through the heart and flow, living for an awakened world. 

To answer the question what is the deepest way I want to give and receive love?

 What do I do to give my deepest love? A full, juicy, vibrant heart overflowing to share. 



Imagine sharing your amazing essence and personal message with the world… bringing the love and joy you know is possible. 

Imagine being deeply loved within yourself and being able to love and celebrate others so deeply that it becomes your life force.

It is time to live an empowered, loving life. And this program shares a guided path that will help make it real and transform how you currently feel. Why? Because we are all working towards an awakened world where community and love exists again.

A life where you are truly aligned in your body, mind and spirit. You are supported for being you, connected to a community of other beautiful, authentic souls, who celebrate your heart’s desires and support each other to share your message with the world.  

Are you ready to live a soul-powered life — one filled with passion and purpose?

Mind Body Soul Guidance & Coaching (online or face to face)

To give all women a voice and way of sharing their message.
To give all women a celebration of who they are.
To give all women a path to connect and share their spirit.

To allow all women to heal, grow and explore themselves.
I want you to see and honour your divinity.
I want you to know and see there is more to you then what you already see.

One off sessions available, but you will get the BEST results with 3 sessions to really dive into your essence, dive into your life and set yourself up in the ultimate space to align with your highest potential of living. 

Private Women's Gatherings

Take the time to be nurtured, embraced and supported in a sacred gathering with other women. A sacred path to heal, love and live a life of alignment, celebration and connection.

Whether it's a 2 hour event or magical half or full day workshops for you and your friends or family (minimum 3 people) - intimate, nurturing sacred space. 

Sacred Moon Journeys for Women 

A magical night devoted to connecting to the moon and other beautiful like minded women. A space to connect back to the natural rhythm of life itself, connect back to nature and our alignment with the flow of life itself. To tune into the veils the moon opens for us to know our next moment through life, to fain clarity, passion and joy. This is a space to top up the tank with pure love from other women. 

Online Courses

A guided online platform for women to learn and immerse in beautiful sacred tool and teachings to help connect to their message of love for an awakened world. A space to learn physical, mental, emotional and spiritual ways of honouring you. 

An online tribe of women ALL over the world with the same vision.
A vision to share their message with the world.
A tribe that gives all women a voice and way of sharing their message.
A tribe that allows all women to celebrate who they are.
A tribe that gives all women a path to connect and deepen how they share their spirit.
A tribe that awakens each other.
A sacred unity of women coming forth from a love so deep within.
A tribe that connects women with their roots, with their deepest belonging here with the earth.
A vision to share your divinity through the heart
How much can we embody the greater mother, and how does that ripple out into our lives.

Power Your Purpose Facebook Group 

A facebook group devoted to igniting your essence for an awakened world.
The more of us who fully show up as who we were born to be, and share that gift with the world the more we can all create a better world.
This is a self care sanctuary for us to collectively cerebrate ourselves and each other.

A space of personal and collective growth. Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual.
We are here together to learn, grow and discover.


9.30am Thursday Morning Vinyasa Twisting Peacock Yoga

6pm Thursday Slow Flow at Twisting Peacock Yoga

I also offer a space to create your own weekly private class on your own or with a small group, send me an email!

Private and small group yoga is a powerful way to deepen your practice and take your growth to the next level.
It provides an opportunity to fine tune and expand your yoga and meditation practice.
An opportunity to develop your individual interests, subtle body, understand modifications and alignment.
You can deepen the path to your personal goals for your practice.
Familiarise yourself with the amazing foundation of yoga.
The practice of yoga is a journey of discovering new ways to build strength and find greater flexibility in mind, body and spirit.
A private sessions enables us to use alignment, intention, breath, asana, energy healing, hands on touch .. and the benefits can be limitless.

All my services come from my message of love and hope to share with the world. 

To answer the question what is the deepest way I want to give and receive love?

 What do I do to give my deepest love? A full, juicy, vibrant heart overflowing to share. 


Sessions include (never limited to):

Restorative Yoga, Subtle Body Yoga, Mindfulness/ Meditation Practises, Pranayama ( breath work), Guided Visualisation, Soul (self) Enquiry, Mind Body Soul Coaching, Intuition Guidance, Essence Embodiment Practises. We use ritual, guidance and sacred space to open the channels for you to receive this work (including oracle cards, dowsing, crystals, meditation, guidance).

Bookings available [email protected] 


When we connect we help the world heal, we share more love and healing. We provide a strength far greater than what we can on our own.