Welcome to a journey through the sacred truths of your Soul.

to unite you and your essence with this earth.

I am a passionate and warm-hearted Yoga Teacher + Conscious Intuitive Guide & Reader working with the path of the soul, specialising in Women's Health, Equilibrium, Earth Magic, Mindfulness Mentor, Life & Love Enthusiast and Inspired Writer.

I invite you to join me. Intuitively and magically I guide people back to their soul and spirit essence. We clear blockages and energy that is not allowing you to be confident in your essence and use it everyday to serve yourself and the world. 

Ask yourself this:

Would you like to connect to your Soul to navigate the obstacles that prevent you from owning your truth and claiming your rightful place in the world as the person you are? 

A platform offering you integration of sacred knowledge and everyday embodiment practices. For soul fuelled beings seeking an embodied life. 

All my services come from sacred understanding, from my experience and study and come from the highest intention to serve others. 

Sharing circles, Self Care workshops, Self-enquiry and conscious relationships, Oracle Readings, Yoga, Expression, Using nature, Opening the body and energy channels, Connection to the healing breath, Meditation, mindfulness and visualisation.

Current Offerings

Private Sessions (one on one or skype)

My private sessions leave you feeling restored, revitalised and reconnected + with some simple & profound self care tools to bring you into your essence. 

This is intuitively guided sessions (along with techniques leant over many years of study) reading your soul to see where there is growth and where there are answers to moving forward. 

Sessions can include:

Restorative Yoga, Subtle Body Yoga, Mindfulness/ Meditation Practises, Pranayama ( breath work), Guided Visualisation, Soul (self) Enquiry, Mind Body Soul Coaching, Intuition Guidance, Essence Embodiment Practises. We use ritual, guidance and sacred space to open the channels for you to receive this work (including oracle cards, dowsing, crystals, meditation, guidance).

Bookings available [email protected] 

A reading is an in-person or distant consultation whose objectives include heightening one's spiritual awareness, bringing to awareness current matters, enabling support for the individual's life journey, and all subjects in between. 

Using oracle cards, dosing crystal and intuition.


Yoga with Sammi!
5.45pm Thursday at Twisting Peacock Yoga!
I also teach private and small personal yoga classes 2 days a week. If anyone wants to create their own weekly private class on your own or with a small group, send me an email!

  • Private 1 on 1 yoga is a powerful way to deepen your practice and take your growth to the next level.
  • It provides an opportunity to fine tune and expand your yoga and meditation practice.
  • An opportunity to develop your individual interests, sublet body, understand modifications and alignment.
  • You can deepen the path to your personal goals for your practice.
  • Familiarise yourself with the amazing foundation of yoga, our practice grows from the ground up.
  • If you are a beginner student it is a great way to start so you don't feel overwhelmed when attending your first yoga class while trying to learn the terminology and postures & perfect flexibility and strength all at once.
  • The practice of yoga is a journey of discovering new ways to build strength and find greater flexibility in mind, body and spirit.
  • A private sessions enables us to use alignment, intention, breath, asana, energy healing, hands on touch .. and the benefits can be limitless.

Online resources (courses & ebooks)

 I am encouraging women to take spiritual retreat, to stop hurrying and rushing, to slow down and embrace flow and the inner needs of our spiritual self. Taking time to develop and enrish our soul. 

These online platforms create a space that enables you to magnify your mind, body and soul. To really understand and meet your essence and bring it to life, to serve yourself and the world. 


Together we journey!

Using ritual, connection, nature, crystals, earth and more to come back to yourself.