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Sammi Jane is a women's community space to share what it means to be authentic, a gypsy soul tuned into sacred innate wisdom.

Our purpose is to help you weave sacred ancient wisdom and ritual into your life to reconnect you to your innate knowing as a woman.

Creating space for sacred ritual, nature, connection and community gives meaning to your life and unites you with the web of life that connects us all as a community. 

This is a woman's path to the sacred muse within. An ancient wise wisdom manifested through your life to bring forth your magic, your innate gift, your essence. 

Our purpose is to reconnect you to the muse within so you may fully step into being seen for all that see offers the world. Through daily practice and guidance you reconnect to your authentic self. 

Would you love to feel more in tune with yourself, more connected to your needs and have a meaningful daily purpose along with a nourishing tool kit of self-care and sacred ritual practices?


Are you still finding it hard to slow down, surrender and trust in listening to yourself? Instead you feel stressed and rushed, you don’t have enough time or space trying to keep up with your day to day ‘obligations' and to-do list?

This is a journey of connection to yourself and a community of soul aligned women awakening to deeper meaning and purpose. A journey that encourages and steps you through how to embody all of you and reconnect to the sacred magic in your life so you can share all that you are here to offer with ease and grace. 

For so long we have been searching for a space where we understand ourselves as divine energy, a space where we make a difference by simply offering who we are and what we love. A space where as a community of women we change how we use divine feminine energy to be more creative with our lives. 

Our purpose is to journey you through the path of least resistance to the most beautiful state of being. A state of being that is warm and nurturing, soft and gentle, earthly and connected. A state of being where you are in love with life. In love with you and you are in love with being you in this life. 

This is a sacred women's community space to learn sacred practices, how to collaborate and find strength in being an embodiment of our essence and sharing that together.

All that we offer online and locally is a journey guiding you to understand yourself as an energetic being, as a unique woman, as an ancient embodied portal of wisdom. 

A nurturing space to move you from confusion, anxiousness and overwhelm about yourself into a space of knowing, support and connection. 

This is a guided sacred journey between you, the earth and a dinner message to be shared. 

A Gypsy Soul is a fully embodied woman of sacred divine (ancient) wisdom living through every cell of your being in an earthly way. 

This is a space to connect to the gypsy soul so you can and do know how to live a life of purpose and meaning. 

This is a space of inspiring gatherings that honour sacred practice to embrace connection, healing and innate wisdom. A space where all women who participate together create a community of authenticity, sacred ritual, connection and essence. 

Ask yourself:

  • Is my message fully embodied in my being and shared with the earth?
  • Do I long for a community of like minded sacred women?
  • Do I live through connection and authentic?
  • Does ritual and sacred daily practice soothe and connect my soul?
  • Do i want to strengthen my relationship with myself, nature and other women in a loving, supportive, open hearted way?

Are you:

Confused, lack confidence, anxiety about how to use your essence or how to bring it to life? Are you feeling unfulfilled and unclear?

Do you really want:

To carve out a life that enhance your connection to yourself and allows you to listen to your inner guidance system (your sacred gypsy soul).

An opportunity to connect with an online and face to face beautiful, amazing, earthly, warm, nurturing, open hearted community of sacred women sharing ritual, daily practice and connection. 


Together we:

Bring spirituality, sacred intuitive intelligence, ancient wisdom to life for the gypsy souls of the world through connection and community. 

A space to live in authentic love, meaning and purpose. 

  • Be seen in your sacred gift
  • Be nurtured in a soul loving way
  • Feel the warm embrace of sacred community and authentic womanly connections. 

Journey through bringing more alignment into your life (CONNECTION)

Connect to what is real for you (DIRECTION)

Create space for you to radiate your magic (ESSENCE)


Online Courses


Mind Body Soul Guidance & Coaching (online or face to face)

Private Women's Gatherings


Sacred Moon Journeys for Women  

Sacred Gypsy Souls Facebook Group
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