I am a passionate and warm-hearted Yoga Teacher + Conscious Guidance Coach, working with the path of the soul, specialising in Energetic Health, Embodiment, Connection To Your Roots, Wellbeing and Path of Purpose. 

How did I do this?

My journey started with yoga, a practice for me very physical, very practical and very present. Under the guidance of my teacher I began to understand yoga was far beyond the simple reasons I was going there for. I had this pull to go everyday, to practice at home, to practice when i traveled for work. There was something more that I was receiving from this. Yoga began to show me myself, it began to connect me to my energetic self, my body, the infinite space around me, the energy that life is based on. I began to use yoga as a tool for embodiment. Embodying myself. 

The path of yoga is now a crucial and wonderful integration tool in my life.



I am a Multi Skilled Wellness Practitioner who guides people to intuitively and energetically come back to their soul and life purpose. Together using many techniques we clear blockages and energy that is not allowing you to be on your 'path of power (power is life force energy or spirit),' in your essence and use it everyday to serve yourself and the world.

After my own hard journey of health and longing to know what I am here to do, I received many gifts and they continue to awaken as I grow and develop. And how I came to that place was receiving and supporting myself to slow down, tune into my inner wisdom, bring more self care into my day from the earth and rediscover my wise feminine essence. And this is one of thew ways I work with you. Whether this means using your yoga mat, nature, meditation or spiritual support to guide your way, together we return to our connection with the earth so we may live our life with purpose. 

With qualification including Honours in Exercise & Sport Science, Holistic Wellness Coaching, Personal Training, Nutritional Therapy and more, teamed with my inner wisdom and natural gifts to bring you intuitive knowledge for your soul. I give my clients the hands on, emotional, and spiritual tools.


I specialise in GUIDANCE Sessions that create Life Equilibrium.

I specialise in integration of Sacred Wellness (Wellbeing in the body that incorporates our sacred self - emotional, physical, mind and soul).

Healing Workshops & private groups, Integration of Earth Magic (put simply working with the earth and elements to rebalance ourselves with the natural rhythms of the earth, the use of plants and natural medicines), Mindfulness Mentor, Life & Love Relating.

 >>>>>>> My own 'dark night of the soul' health crisis and continuing healing journey over the past 10 years are the foundation for all the work I do and the gifts I offer to you.  In my life I have had PCOS, irregular menstruation, dengue fever, chronic fatigue, acute adrenal fatigue, chronic constipation, SIBO, undiagnosable chronic stomach and intestine problems and chronic anaemic that just wouldn't heal and that is what led me done this very profound path of life.


This path of stepping out of the box of belief systems and expectations, to actually embody my natural gifts and step into my role as a healer and light worker, believing in what I was here to do, understanding the power contained within myself and trusting that I was all I needed to be and that was more than enough to help thousands of people. Studying under incredible teachers, experts and empowered beings. I’ve travelled to meet healers in various places through out the world, I've devoted my life to diving deep into understanding the human body, consciousness, holistic living and healing. 

Here I am at 30, I have written over 40 ebooks on health and holistic living, I have developed 3 in depth Whole body mind, body soul guidance courses teaching everything I have learnt and studied. It is here in my work that I share my heart and soul, I have completed thousands and thousands of hours studying, but that’s not what matters. What matters is that here I am being myself, a naturally gifted healer, a soul guide and I believe in helping the greater good of all - to heal and live in unity with ourselves.


I openly welcome you to my online courses, ebooks, recipe books, health programs, yoga classes and more simply so you can feel and understand the medicine of the earth, the connection we have to this life - take control of your vitality, mind and soul.

The journey to mastering the self is an incredible journey that will change how you interact with the world in every way in this lifetime. 


"Sammi helps you find the answer to these powerful questions:

What is our authentic nature?

What is our capacity for love?

What is our essence?"

If you are ready to understand, activate & embody more of your own energy this work is for you. Come and delve deep and unveil your inner wisdom, connect with your self and rise into your authentic true nature! Meet the more radiant, vibrant, courageous and empowered you.

Learn the physical, emotional, and spiritual tools you need to reconnect with yourself to connect to your true self.

Sammi Xx