MEET SAMMI Your Sacred Earth Gypsy Guide

Bsc Science (Sport Science and Exercise Physiology)

Bsc Honours (Sport Science)

Master Wellness Coach - International College of Wellness Coaching

Nutritional Therapist

Cognitive Behaviour Therapist

Ongoing studies

10 yrs ago I was a Sport Scientist/ Exercise Physiologist working alongside athletes at elite and professional level. I spent the rest of my time visiting the elderly for rehab sessions. I wrote a thesis on the effects that lifestyle and training loads had  on total training performance. I made ground breaking research but after 5 1/2 years at university I was confused at not seeing greater results in both groups from physical changes alone in my work.  

7 years ago I began to realise it didn't matter to me. I was bored of working with the physical body when the changes and healing went much deeper. I wasn't driven to help increase the performance of the body, unless I knew the mind, body and soul were onboard.

5 years ago my path was going down the wrong direction and it was suddenly halted. I encountered my own 'dark night of the soul' health crisis and healing journey. Dealing with PCOS, amenorrhea, dengue fever, chronic fatigue, acute adrenal fatigue, chronic constipation, SIBO, undiagnosable chronic stomach and intestinal issues and chronic anaemic. Situation after the next each taking something else from me until I had suffered for years, not being able to 'fix' my health, living at 50%, giving from an empty cup, lost in a haze of fog. 


3 years ago I realised the guru within myself. A journey that took my health, my insecurities, my dreams and desires and shook them up to realign me with my authentic true self. A journey that pushed me to realise my healing to be my own responsibility. That I was the healer of myself, I was my own guru, I was the answer I had long been searching fo whilst never succeeding. I was the magic in my life.  

Today I am a women's specialist in sacred soul alignment.  A mentor working with women who are looking for more meaning in life to become connected, radiant and free spirited. 

I'm like the brakes of a freight train going in the wrong direction. The first thing you need to do is be aware of going in the wrong direction. Then we stop going the wrong way by applying a positive force to your life, to the train (i.e. the brakes). This slows the train over time, and eventually stops your momentum in the wrong direction.  

This positive force is in the form of mind, body & spirit guidance, sacred space, nature and community. This assists you to increase the expression of your innate wisdom (Life Energy) by restoring alignment and connection to your intuitive intelligence. 

I learnt through sacred practice that I was my own guru. That you are your own guru. That we all have a responsibility to know and honour our essence as the magic of life. We all have unique vibrational blueprints of our essence, here with a purpose to have meaning in life.

Just like our train, the first thing that must happen is a slowing down and stopping of the momentum in the wrong direction. I create a space for women to authentically connect between the soul and the body. Only then can a reversal (healing) occur and begin moving you in the right direction, toward growth and the full authentic expression of you and life!

I know life as a sacred vessel for myself, for women and for the universe. A divine connection to why we are here. Together we journey you down the aligned path for your soul happiness.  

" This path of stepping out of the box of belief systems and expectations, to actually embody my natural gifts and step into my role as a healer and light worker, believing in what I was here to do, understanding the power contained within myself and trusting that I was all I needed to be and that was more than enough to help thousands of people. Studying under incredible teachers, experts and empowered beings. I’ve travelled to meet healers in various places through out the world, I've devoted my life to diving deep into understanding the human body, consciousness, holistic living and healing. It is here in my work that I share my heart and soul, I have completed thousands and thousands of hours studying, but that’s not what matters. What matters is that here I am being myself. I am showing up authentically to create a space of connection for you too to find your intuitive intelligence. For you too to find your authentic nature."


The journey to authentically knowing the self is an incredible journey that will change how you interact with the world in every way in this lifetime. 


"Sammi helps you find the answer to these powerful questions:

What is our authentic nature?

What is our capacity for love?

What is our essence?"


Sammi Xx