Sacred Earth Gypsy is a path of alignment to the divine gift of being a woman, in touch with Sacred feminine energy.




Sacred Earth Gypsy offers you a channel of Divine peace, dedicated to receiving and giving everyday to women, and beyond that to the feminine energy on this planet and Gaia (Divine Light). A space for the peaceful heart to blossom under Sacred care and nourishment. 


Sacred Earth Gypsy is a channel of truth for you to choose the frequency at which you want to vibrate. It is an opportunity to lift your vibration to your true potential state of being.

Sacred Earth Gypsy is a global Gaia network of divine trust and harmony that activates and awakens Sacred Feminine Wisdom and Guidance. 

Sacred Earth Gypsy connects women from all over Gaia, putting light into the tapestry of life through our gatherings. 

Sacred Earth Gypsy is a Sacred embodiment of feminine energy that shares hope and support for each of our personal medicines and gateways of serving that in life. 

Sacred Earth Gypsy is a gentle, nurturing portal of deep connection and guidance that gives and channels abundantly to pass on and connect this gift of giving hope, support and opportunity to all women who are ready, to enliven and honour the feminine energy on this planet.

Sacred Earth Gypsy gathers women to give them nurturing, healing, awakening, acceptance and connection to amplify and overflow empowerment, embodiment and support of Gaia, life and feminine energy.

Sacred Earth Gypsy channels Divine grace and light to women to embody and offer their Sacred essence to Gaia and the larger circuit of life. 

This is an opportunity to know to connect with, invest in and actually engage in the channel and portal of Sacred Earth Gypsy for awakening and activation to the divine tapestry of life. 

 Sacred earth Gypsy channels and gives abundantly opportunities to activate feminine energy on this earth, through women and young girls to amplify global connection, hope and higher frequency living.

Sacred Earth Gypsy mirrors a globe, shining light to see the way to where you need to go. 


Sacred Earth Gypsy is an organic, truthful, patient, caring, nurturing, supportive, nourishing, heart centred energy. A channel to transform and ignite the collective scale of living for women. 

This space is for you to access an energy circuit of hope, support and opportunity for ALL Women. As we offer this to you, we pay this on to MANY women who are not yet accessing hope, support and opportunities such as necessary clean water.

This best part about this is that we receive a daily stream of women to guide, support and anchor into their greatest state of being, in harmony with their divine state and connection to Gaia. This daily potency of women gathering activates a collective grid of light that serves to lifts our personal and collective vibration.

Together we open a portal each day to receive Sacred connection to Feminine energy and pass it on, heal it, amplify the gift it carries for all embodied women. 

Sacred Earth Gypsy is a multidimensional portal saving, achieving, honouring, remembering and sharing Sacred Divine feminine wisdom and messages from the innate source of life.

Sammi Jane is a women's community space to share what it means to be authentic, a Sacred gypsy soul connected to your Sacred essence, your medicine to share with life.

This is a space, a channel for us to make sure that we offer HOPE, SUPPORT & OPPORTUNITIES to all women!

Join the vision of Sacred Earth Gypsy to live in bliss, serenity and reverence by joining any of our offerings.