Together we journey into a nurturing, softness to surrender and awaken awareness of the feminine 'force' within; the authentic energy of life.

One on One Personalised Sessions

These sessions are an opportunity to be immersed in higher vibrational alignment to the higher self/spirit in connection with the energy of the Sacred Feminine.

Sammi works with and transmits the vibrational state of the higher heart, the highest vibrational alignment she has been initiated into. During the session Sammi works and channels Sacred feminine energy, in which you will be immersed in this vibrational state and offered the aligned transmission of what you need for personal healing, soul growth or spiritual action.

around their womb, conscious  awareness, Sacred fertility preparation & awareness, creativity, states of Sacred spiritual living through the womb and innate intuitive wisdom using Sacred feminine energy. 

RENEW Your Gypsy Soul Women's ONLINE Activation Series (8 weeks)

Sacred global platform for higher vibrational states of being for women. A Sacred activation series (8 weeks) that offers transformation, healing and accessing states of being that aren't simply anchored in the physical.

The GIFT of this program is that is is ONLINE, available all over the world. This activation series is a powerful catalyst given and received in this ONLINE portal of vibrational alignment to the heart and ancestral feminine 'force.' This activation series is beyond the physical (which is why it is so powerful ONLINE) and integrates also the emotional, mental, soul and spiritual levels of being for a woman.

RISE Anchoring The Gypsy Soul Introductory Initiatory Journey (8 weeks)

An 8 week journey for women anchoring higher vibrational patterns and states of being through transmission of Divine Sacred Feminine energy.

This is a face to face journey anchored in Sammi's transmission of the higher heart vibration.

This is a journey to heal, transform, activate, anchor, receive, surrender and journey with the Grace of the Sacred Feminine energy. Receive healing sessions, transformation and growth, initiatory energetic transmissions, Sacred ceremony and a Sacred space to be with other women in deep connection.

A journey that will attune you to upgraded states of living and being in a woman's body, deeply anchored in Sacred service of self.

This is a face to face nourishment of your inner Gypsy spirit - the highest vibrational atunement to the energy of the heart. Gypsy here meaning - free moving, innate earth wisdom, connection, creation, freedom, liberation, spirited.

Discover - Honesty; Living by value; Ayni, Deep immersion in self, Spirited connection, Grace of Pachamama, Sacred centre, facilitating conscious conversation, integrated relationship, Soul essence, Grounded and anchored humility, high vibrational being, potent connection, natural rhythms, collaboration with life, appreciation as life force, polished Sacred states of being. embracing mysticism and Sacred choice.

This is the opportunity to open the aperture of your lens of life. To be yourself, integrated in who you are, the gift you are and how to overflow simply yourself to the world.

Retreat Immersions

One Day Retreat

Receive a day devoted to just you. Go home with a deep sense of nourishment, a feeling of receptivity, of nurturing yourself. You are guaranteed to leave in a feeling you then choose to continue to develop and anchor in in your life.

This is a Sacred space for women to top up in every way, to be nurtured and nourished by others, by food, by the earth and also by self. Our day retreats are a journey to offer light healing, learning how to honour your needs and receive a state of rest and replenishment in the many forms that it comes. A space to be accepted and celebrated for being you. Expect laughter, tears, enjoyment and beautiful women around you.

3 to 7 Day Retreats (customised for small groups or please contact for up and coming)

Deeply Sacred experience, a high vibrational platform to live for women.

This is a deeply immersive retreat sanctuary. A Sacred space that holds and transmits higher vibrational states of being so that you leave having received and anchored in a NEW paradigm of living. Consider being nourished in all you could be, all you hope to be, connecting to and beginning to understand the wisdom and depth that exists within you.

The way to change, the way to move forward is to saturate yourself in a NEW paradigm of being, a way of being you choose to be (or hope to be) in the future. This is a Sacred opportunity to bring to life all your higher self knows of you.

This is a space to be immersed in Sammi's teaching, her light and her healing. Immersing yourself in the higher vibrational platform of living which allows you to anchor Sacred roots in your life.

Filled with Sacred initiatory transmissions, energetic upgrades, plant consciousness, relaxation, rejuvenation, support, opportunities, healing, transformation, awakening, playfulness, creation, creativity.

Sacred Feminine Ebook Series

A channeled, embodied and deeply practiced series of Sacred Feminine wisdom from Sammi. An ebook series that is anchoring in the NEW paradigm of Sacred Feminine being. A series that moves us forward into practicing Sacred tools, connecting to ancestral wisdom, higher states of being bringing us closer to our Sacred divinity and PRACTICING tools that are of Sacred service to ourselves and the world.

  • Moon Wisdom

  • Divine Feminine Intuition

  • Sacred Wisdom tools

Sacred Roots Package

A lifestyle initiation package to anchor you into a high vibrational state of being as a woman.

  • 4 x Raw food recipe books

  • Wholefood, Organic Plant based recipe book

  • Natural Remedies and using plant consciousness as medicine

  • Sacred anatomy of a woman

  • Lifestyle modifications, adaptations and alignment to higher states of living

  • Sammis Sacred journey and tips to anchor and ground a healthy, uplifted, vibrant way of living.


 We are of the earth, Pachamama, gaia, I am blessed by the earth, by our food, our experience, our life as a complete unit. Our state of being that is greater than the physical eye. For this I give thanks to be blessed to share and receive such a beautiful form of life, to anchor and activate grace with the Sacred Feminine with the earths blessing. 

I give deep thanks and appreciation for the plants that catalysed and facilitated my healing and spread this philosophy to bring it to life, to anchor this NEW paradigm of being. It is this that I am overflowing service to.